2020 annual report

José Antonio Mahou Herráiz

Letter from the chairman

We left 2020 behind, without a doubt one of the most difficult years we have experienced as a company in all of our history. A year in which the results were not with us but which left us with enormous lessons learned.

Mahou San Miguel

Family Mahou San Miguel

We are an independent, 100% SPANISH company, the leader in the beer sector in our country, and we have a strong international presence. Throughout our over 130-year history, we have never stopped growing and diversifying our business thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team of 3,887 professionals.

million euros
Sales volume
million euros
Contribution to the spanish economy
million euros
Social action
million euros

Now more than ever

We support the on-trade sector

We add value to our customers and distributors and, over the course of the year, we provided special assistance to the ontrade sector through initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of the pandemic on bars and restaurants.

Comprehensive on-trade support plan
million euros
The largest donation in our history

million euros in estimated turnover for our on-trade establishments

More than
Investment to refurbish the outdoor spaces of bars and restaurants

million euros

International support plan in

Including Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Japan

We are sustainability

The 2020 financial year represented the culmination of our “Somos 2020” strategic framework, with very positive results. The project has three lines of action: “Somos Compromiso”, “Somos Talento” and “Somos Innovación”, and each of the commitments included was established and aligned with one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Sustainability strategic plan
million euros invested

The reduction of our carbon footprint, the increased sustainability of containers, sustainable mobility and our contribution to employment and social development, with a specific focus on promoting people’s well-being, were the most relevant milestones of the “Somos 2020” plan.

Greater use of
sustainable vehicles
and renewal of the fleet

To reach 60% hybrid and electric vehicles. 14.6% decrease in CO2 emissions.

of plastic

In 12 of our beer products.

4.5 million
euros invested

In initiatives and projects aimed at minimising our environmental impact.

Green design

We innovated to reduce the weight of our containers and packaging. In 2020, we saved 215,148 tonnes of material.

The strength of our team

We take pride in having the best team and, in 2020, this sentiment was even stronger. All our employees rose to the occasion, adapting quickly to the new situations with a sense of responsibility, commitment, dedication and a collaborative spirit that demonstrates the strength of the great family that we are.

We ensured the safety and well-being of our employees

The emergence of COVID-19 led us to focus all our efforts on implementing new measures to protect our teams, activating physical and emotional wellness activities and developing multiple initiatives to facilitate work-life balance.

+5,100 covid-19 tests performed
Medical care 24/7
Flexibility and work-life balance
Activity programmes to promote physical and emotional well-being

We protected jobs

In this difficult context, we remained firmly committed to protecting employment by guaranteeing 100% of all jobs and not opting for temporary layoffs (ERTEs).

3,887 professionals

We promote training

We invested a total of 1.27 million euros in training programmes, in which 3,147 employees participated, dedicating a total of 70,000 hours of training.

We promote a digital culture

We took another step in our way of working, and more than 200 employees participated in digital projects, with a total of 89 active initiatives on our digital roadmap.

Experiences that unite us

Despite the difficulties we had to face as a result of the pandemic, in 2020 we never stopped innovating, launching 10 new products to promote beer culture and sharing our experience with consumers in digital format.

New launches

San Miguel Magna Roja 0,0, San Miguel Yakima Valley and Alhambra Reserva Esencia Citra IPA, and we entered the cider and hard seltzer categories with La Prohibida and Glowy, respectively.

Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento

A unique campaign

For the first time in history, our iconic Mahou, San Miguel, Cervezas Alhambra and Solán de Cabras participated in a joint campaign, renouncing their individual plans and redirecting the investment they represented to supporting the on-trade sector.

Somos familia
Somos familiaPlay

Somos Familia And families help each other

Somos familiaPlay

Somos Familia signs

Somos familiaPlay

The most important delivery Somos Familia

1st anniversary of Solana

In May 2020, we celebrated the first anniversary of Solana, our comprehensive e-commerce platform, with very positive results. Our online sales channel grew steadily both in number of orders and quality of service during its first year.

Recognition of beer excellence

Throughout 2020, our company continued collecting recognitions with its brands, ending the year as the most awarded company in beer competitions.

we are making progress

At Mahou San Miguel, we will continue placing the focus on protecting our employees, supporting our distributors, customers and suppliers, and on being an important agent in the economic reactivation and social transformation of our country.

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